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one of the most experienced experts in the uk

Colin has over 25 years of experience in repairing engraving machines from a wide range of manufacturers including Dalhgren, Wizzard, Mastegrave, Suregrave and Cipher – which means he’s well versed in the common causes of problems so he can solve them quickly.

Founded in September 2005 Colin started CA Service after working for a major Engraving Supply Company as a Service Manager for 15 years. 

He decided to start up my own Service and Repair Business for companies that have Computerised Engraving Machines after seeing that he could do better work at a cheaper price.

Before you created CA Servicing where did you start your career?

I worked for Suregrave (UK) Ltd from 1990 until 2005. I enjoyed my time with them and during the fifteen years I was with them I developed my experience and knowledge.

After fifteen years why did you decide to set up CA Servicing and go it alone?

I wanted to help provide companies with engraving machines expert servicing and repair at a much lower cost than previously available and I always wanted the independence of being my own boss.

After working for Suregrave (UK) Ltd for 15 years I gained extensive experience and knowledge to service, repair and fault find on a wide range of engraving machines. So when Suregrave (UK) Ltd changed ownership, I found that the working environment just wasn’t the same so I decided to set up my own company and become self-employed.

Recognising that there were not many independent service engineers out there that could service and repair all makes of computerised engraving machines I took the opportunity and in 2005, with financial help from my parents, I decided to start my own company to service and repair computerised engraving machines.

Which industries have you found require your services?

I deal with a multitude of industries and I am happy to provide a service to any
company that has a computerised engraving machine, including trophy shops, engraving workshops, gift shops, cobblers, engineering companies, funeral directors, electrical panel workshops, hospitals and also people with
machines in their garages at home. Over the years I have branched out into several other areas, selling spare parts, regrinding cutters, selling reconditioned
computerised engraving machines and also the service and repairs of laser machines. The business has gone from strength to strength since I created it. Now 16 years later CA Servicing is alive and kicking

At any point did you think “have I got this wrong”?

After 3 months I was beginning to believe that I had possibly made the wrong decision as I hadn’t manged to find a single customer! Thankfully this changed after I began advertising in TEN Magazine and it all started to come together.

Since you set up CA Servicing have you remained UK based or has it taken you further afield?

We are able to provide not only a domestic service but also an international one. Outside the UK we have serviced companies in Southern Ireland, Germany, Denmark,
France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar”. 

You can rely on CA Servicing for all of your engraving machine needs

Over the years CA Servicing has built up a loyal customer base who realise the importance of having their engraving machines serviced on a yearly basis.

Imagine the stress on your machine if it is working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and hasn’t been serviced for several years. It will eventually break down. The leadscrew and leadscrew nut will become dry, the stepper motors will need to work harder to drive the leadscrew and nut and the drivers in the control unit will be under increased stress in order to keep the stepper motors going. Eventually, something will have to give! Rather than expensive parts replacement and
loss of production, regular servicing will help prevent this.

The last 18 months have been tough for all of us with Covid. Many companies have increased their prices to try and recoup some lost income, but CA Servicing made the decision not to raise their prices and keep them as they have been for the last 6 years. 

In order to keep progressing, CA Servicing has just developed a new website (caservicing.co.uk) which brings the capability to LIVE CHAT with clients. This has already been extremely beneficial to several customers who have been able to get in contact with Colin and his team in an instant with software and machine faults and they have been able to fix their problem without them having to send their machines in or to arrange an on-site visit to their premises

Unit 5 Helmsman House
Norham Road
North Shields
NE29 8RZ

TELEPHONE: 0191 2960363 or 07436 261990

EMAIL: [email protected]

quality workmanship guaranteed

We are so convinced that you’ll be delighted with our workmanship that we offer a 6 month warranty with all repair work & 12 month warranty with all refurbished machines.

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